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Comfortable footwear that is also meticulous in its details, and made from high quality materials with the aim of satisfying the needs of the wearer, both inside and outside the home. 


The brand “Maria Moda 1942” was launched in 2016 by Emanuele Toso, who decided to make the most of his long-time experience in the footwear industry, which dated back to 1986. The inspiration for the brand’s name comes from his mother, Maria, who, together with her son, carefully selects the materials, while making decisions regarding the line of models and development of samples. It is exactly from this combination of feminine sensitivity and great understanding of footwear production that men’s and women’s footwear, which is a pleasure to look at and to wear, is created. This means priority is given over to a use of high quality materials like leather, which is coupled, for example, with elastic inserts and Velcro in the upper and with memory foam in the insoles to guarantee maximum comfort, with constant attention to each and every detail.

More recently, the company’s “Sogex 1965” brand was launched for the company’s comfort lines of men’s and women’s footwear.


It is not by chance that the brand made a name for itself in a very short time, above all in the European market, which represents around 80 percent of its turnover (in particular, in countries like Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Greece), while the remaining 20% includes the entire world, with countries like Canada, Israel, and Australia.

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